White House Album

Hey Mister, did you pay for that peach?

I stumbled upon the official White House Flickr stream. It's kind of fun.

One commenter to this photo pointed out that there are lots of other cameras in that market, there to make sure that citizens don't follow their president's example.

Check out dog, Bo's leash.
More photos of the presidential beer garden also appear, which remind me that I heard of a very different approach to an uninformed police incident, by Bob Dylan. Vigilant neighbors in a low-income neighborhood in New Jersey called the cops when a strange man was spotted wandering the streets. It was Bob Dylan, taking a break from his tour. The cops called to the scene, both in their 20s, didn't recognize his name or face. But he calmly went with them to verify his ID. Maybe he's just observed how crazy it can get when you react in anger, a lesson from Professor Gates?



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