Baby's First Fall Shopping Season

It's with bubbling glee that I am making preparations to visit my sister this weekend, and celebrate her & her husband's baby shower. With Juliet's talented sister-in-law, and artful hostess mother-in-law I think the party is going to be quite cute. (But NO GAMES - I'm so glad that Juliet and I agree on this point.)

Without keeping track, I seem to keep on buying the newest little arrival to the family gifts, and more gifts. I'll share them and details of the shower once they've been unwrapped and unveiled.

There are so many adorable things to find for babies, and yet such a shame to know that kids grow so fast that they'll probably be in and out of their clothes in a matter of months.

I remember pausing in wonder when my mom told me that she didn't need new clothes every year like us, because she didn't grow every year. At the time, I hadn't even hit my teens yet, probably not even double digits, so this seemed impossible. Adults can own the same clothes for years??? How boring. I think I was sad for my mom, she didn't get to go back to school shopping.

It's probably the combination of the happy nostalgia of back-to-school shopping (a special day spent together with my mom and Juliet at Marshalls), my September birthday, and the lures thrown out by the thickest fashion magazines of the year that make me want to shop more this time of year. (That part of me may never grow up.)

("A is for Jerks" Onesie from Chicago-based Threadless.)


Jean Therapy said...

OMG, I can't believe that Juliet is pregnant. Please let her know that I'm thinking of her and her husband and wishing them both the very best!! That's just so darn cool. Man, we're getting old!


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