In the hopes that it might help turn a few "Before's" to "After's" here are the tasks that lay before me. Knowing that you know I'm supposed to be doing these things might be the peer pressure I need. It will be a long winter (some say that Chicago's colder-than-normal summer will mean the same for the winter!) and so I have some projects lined up:

Scarf:(In addition to the in-progress summer scarf, whose launch will probably be next summer.)

Wrap Skirt:Which I hope to complete in time to wear on our Western Caribean cruise in December, or else it will be a concurrent unveiling with the 2010 Summer Scarf.

I bought the fabric for the wrap skirt, and the yarn, in Portland along with the lavender for drawer sachets. (Apparently, hanging out with Abby makes me feel like I am a crafty monster.) I'll be using vintage fabric that's been sitting in the cedar chest for probably 50+ years, inspired by etsy:
Tidying up the guest room, including hanging pictures: (The pictures are currently hung according only to where the previous owners had left nails in the wall.)

But the guest room is really only procrastination while I figure out how I am going to put together my office. I find it more inspiring to call it my "workroom". "Studio" sounds too posh.Ironically, it would be an ideal place to finish all these darn projects!



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