Busy Bee

Lots was doing around the house this weekend. I decluttered drawers full of things like old magic markers, coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and books I can concede I will never read.

Funny, I know that there are two rooms that really need to be addressed (workroom and guest room) but it's shelves in the living room that I was rearranging, the bedroom closet that I was rifling through with organizational zeal.

Is it still procrastinating if you're doing the right task, but just in the wrong place?


JCK said...

I think you must be feeling sisterly sympathetic nesting instincts - as this is exactly what I was doing this weekend too - specifically organizing the living room bookshelves when I should have been working on my "workroom" conversion to nursery. Although I did manage to part with a lot of books I'll never read too. Feels good.


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