Happy Birthday!

Thanks for everyone's birthday wishes, and gifts. And even the Facebook tidings that sometimes are sincere, but also sometimes feel a little automated. Hey, guy who I haven't seen since high school, and barely talked to then, thanks for writing on my wall. I did get myself a brownie with my lunch today, wore a cute dress, and trimmed up the pretty pink roses that came home with Jason. (I wondered if it was a reflection of our neighborhood that the name of the roses were "Latin Lady." Feliz cumpleanos!)
My friends wanted to treat me with a night out celebration, but I demurred this year, not feeling in the mood for being the center of attention. (It's so awkward, having to wear the crown on your head like that...)
This Friday I get to see my sister, for a small celebration with her (and brother-in-law) too! Fewer guests = more cake to go around.


Jean Therapy said...

Happy birthday dear one! We might have not seen each other since HS but don't ever doubt how much you mean to me! I hope you had a wonderful day and have a fantastic year. PS...I love how fuzzy you've become. Did anyone ever tell you that you seem to be resembling a panda these days?


Claire said...

Thank you! So much!
As for the panda resemblance, maybe my hair is just going salt & pepper with age?? ;)


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