It's On

With our birthdays right next to each other on the calendar, Jason and I often receive shared presents.

The gift we received from Jason's sister Courtney, and her husband Lorenzo, proves the following:

a. that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
b. as part of the American dream, the next generation will always strive to do better than the one that preceded it (a & b both reflecting Courtney mirroring her mother's inventive gift-giving - previous gifts have included cooking together, and food tasting and Segway tours.)
c. Italians (like Lorenzo) really do like Vespa's
d. all of the above

Because we have received a gift certificate for a Vespa tour of Chicago. They run April through October, so we'll see if this one is squeezed in this year, or if we can redeem it to help roar into springtime. (A blog post will share how this works out for us.)



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