Must Read List

A blog I love to visit is i suwannee, and here's why:

1a. Her dog is adorable.
1b. Her dog's name is Rowdy. Mental note to use this name for the dog that Jason and I wish we could get, were it not for cold Chicago winters, our long work hours and the accompanying cost of dog walkers, and how freaking nervous and crazy our cats would be by a canine introduction.
2. She's got lotsa style.
3. She finds her style often cheaply on eBay. Particularly rugs!
4. She also has a imaginary wealthier life, where she muses about when the guest services division of her house gets their "ducks in a row."
5. She also can laugh by observing her husband's household activities. (Since she's from the South, it's busting a chifferobe down there.)
6. Bookcases. Maybe I will try the color coordination someday.
7. I figured out where Suwannee is recently. 8. And she's just got super taste in decorating. Now that I'm a homeowner, there's so much I can do with our interiors, and maybe they'll be inspired by i suwannee. (Pay attention to the sets on the right menu bar, lots of inspiration to be had there!)



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