Sometimes you (I) have to remember that your (my) life, all in all, is very good. Despite the sometimes rocky road that we (I) have traveled in the past, or the daily aggravations, absurdities, and arguments, today we are 99.99999% good.

One blog that helps me remember this is the NieNie Dialogues. Before the plane crash, Stephanie Nielson blogged about her kids, her husband, and the small celebrations they honored, seemingly every day. After a near fatal plane crash, there was more to celebrate, but it was a lot harder. Her blog has become a journal of recovery and remembering the small delights that happen everyday.

More about NieNie's story is here, but her blog is really the best way to connect and remember. (And as an observational aside, yet another Mormon who seems like a really wonderful, down to earth person.)

If I ever write my "This I Believe" essay, it will be about how much everyday and every little happy thing should matter, and that nothing, and no one, should be taken for granted. For another blog post...


Andra Sue said...

Thanks for posting this, btw. I needed a kick in the pants after spending all of Monday feeling sorry for myself that I wasn't on vacation anymore. I used to try to think of and name at least one thing every day in my life that I was grateful for and somehow got out of that habit, but I've started again as of this week. :)


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