Weekend Showers

To help my sister and her husband feather their nest for the arrival of a new little baby we feted them with a little bay shower this weekend. The planning committee was staffed by Juliet's mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and me, doing whatever could be carried on a plane. Like little pennant flags to decorate the party rooms. Cute little touches were baby photos of "mom" and "dad", rubber duckies in the punch bowl, and bubbly drinks called "Tickled Pink" of champagne and X-Rated Fusion Liqueur (French vodka with blood orange, mango and passion fruit) for those who were drinking. A yummy drink to remember for a future girl's night, or maybe Project Runway finale viewing party.Another notable beverage was home-brewed root beer supplied by the father-to-be, also super tasty for root beer floats and a hit with the kids. There were appropriately cute and tiny tea sandwiches, beautiful flowers arranged by sister-in-law Ann, and jelly bean favors for guests to take as they left a beautiful day's party. After the guests had left the hostesses and honorees kicked off their shoes to take a breath before a round of lawn croquet. If you ever flip through the pages of J. Crew or another catalog and see photos of models playing croquet or some similar esoteric sport in their party dresses, and wonder, "When and where would you ever do that?" It's here, as I was being coached on the best croquet strategy in my party dress, borrowed trench and flip flops, with someone holding my champagne glass. Behind us, from behind the bushes, two deer wandered through a neighbor's garden as the afternoon sun fell behind the trees.

I was having too much fun to take a photo of this.


Juliet said...

Thanks again for a perfect party! We had an awesome time, and boy did we ever clean up on the presents! Thanks to everyone!! I think we're all set for november :)

Ann said...

claire i love your blog! it was great to see you and spend a little time with you throughout the festivities.


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