This weekend is a busy one (again!) Friday: a short notice suggestion to join friends at the German-American Festival. The attractions were German beer, brawts, and music. Lots of lifting of your plastic stein to shout along to the music. This is the closest I'll get to Oktoberfest, at least this year.
Along for the ride was an award I got at work recently, The Gnome. It's an idea stolen from Jason's old office, to create a whimsical, non-monetary (pout) award that rotates every two weeks. Like in the movie Amelie (my *favorite* movie) the gnome has started to travel. The last winner snapped photos of the gnome in his garden and enjoying a beer surrounded by some beach toys. Well, I had to 'one up' that, so I took the gnome to the festival. And found the tallest and most costumed festival goer to pose with the gnome.The gnome also shared our meal while we sat and enjoyed the band.
As you can see, things kind of devolved into more silliness as the evening proceeded.
Thinking that we were tourists traveling with our gnome a fellow festival goer offered to take our picture, and asked where we were from. Puzzled, we replied "Chicago!" I advised my friends that next time we have to be more prepared with a fun fake city, like "Winnipeg!" or "the outer Hebrides."

Saturday morning: Dentist. I don't know why I agreed to moving my appointment up from 9 am to 8 am. I don't even get to work quite that early. But at least I was still tired enough to zone out while my dentist poked around.

Saturday: Renegade Craft Fair. I wasn't in a super-shoppy mood, but I still did some Christmas shopping. And said a firm no to a few things that I was eyeing for myself. But darn it was crowded with hipsters, their dogs and their kids. It was funny to look around on the bus and know exactly who was going to the fair, based on their skinny jeans, gold sandals, and bug-eye plastic sunglasses. I sat back and didn't even worry about missing my stop.



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