This weekend was full of good food, good company, and even things that are good for me, like tennis.
Friday night: a "double date" late dinner at gastro-pub, Publican. It's supposed to be evocative of a Belgian beer hall and the main menu item is on the walls above you in grand portraiture: pork! I don't think I should ever try to eat a regular pork rind after having theirs, because they were, as the NYTimes puts it, "airy — as if pigs really could fly and you’re touching bits of their wings — and subtly fiery in taste and color, courtesy of Espelette red pepper and cheddar dust." The lights reminded me of the ones we had in our dining room growing up, multiplied by 10.
Saturday night: We moved from the pig to the cow, for steakhouse Fulton's on the River. This scenic spot right on the river gives a great view of the interior Chicago skyline, and was perfect for sharing with out-of-town guests Jason's mom (Nancy) and aunt (Cherie.)

This was a pre-theater dinner and we dashed off in perfect time for Jersey Boys. The show was enjoyable as everyone had promised (even Oprah said that Stedman's seen the show three times, when she had the cast members on her show last week.) As each song began I thought to myself, "Wait, the Four Seasons did this song too??!" Out of the corner of my eye I caught Nancy singing along.

It was a good thing I played tennis not once, but twice this weekend with all the rich foods. I've picked up the racket so late this summer, sadly. There's really no reason why. Of course today, it became cold and blustery but I hope it's a passing cloud before full winter blows in.



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