What I'm Reading

I have a few books bookmarked right now, as I steal time to read before I should be going to bed or on plane rides.

Nature's Metropolis - a re-read from college, before I knew I'd someday be living in Chicago. I can't remember if this was from my American Environmental History class, or my American West class, but it was a keeper. The focus is Chicago as a gateway and point of exchange for goods moving east and west. I have a new perspective for the zeal of the city's early boosters, and it's reminiscent of the campaigning that's being done now for the 2016 Olympics.

Apartment Therapy - helping to motivate me to pack up bags for the Salvation Army and select paint colors for my workroom.

I have to pick up my pace in these two books, because I'm thinking of using a birthday gift card for Madeleine Albright's memoir, Read My Pins. Politics and jewelry, and a powerful and smart woman. Perfect!



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