Cat Worship

Sometimes I have to think that archeologists excavating the remains of our lives might draw comparisons to our culture (or at least our home) and the Egyptians. The shared defining practice: cat worship.

After spooning out their special dinner of wet food, I noticed the label on our cats' food proclaimed it was made in a human food factory. I doubt that any human food manufactured there carries that same claim as an enticement: "Made in a cat food factory!" (On closer inspection it appears that they merely hold their cat food factory to human food manufacturing standards, which might be why this brand is not nearly as stinky as most cat food. We also like buying it at the locally owned neighborhood pet supply store!)
At home, our cats enjoy lounging on the wide window ledges. We noticed that this was making the window ledges a little dirty, as well as marred by cat claw marks. Holding to the tenets of our cat-focused faith, and rather than inconvenience our cats, we brainstormed how to make them more comfortable.

Observe, a newly carpeted window ledge. FLOR carpet tiles offered lots of options, and it was very easy to cut the tiles to size. The project took less than half an hour, and most of that time was probably spent pondering how to cut the best straight line.
Since cats are immediately curious about anything new lying flat on the ground, there were up to inspect in even less time. So spoiled.



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