The Details: Workroom

New to the walls the my redone workroom are the paint color and artwork.

Blue Bonnet from Benjamin Moore is a paler little sister to Tiffany blue. I tried about four color samples before settling on this soft, fresh color.

The framed photos come from Animal House by Catherine Ledner. I ordered an extra copy of the book, as well as frames and mats from Amazon. Although it felt VERY WRONG to be tearing up a book, I like the contemplative animals posed in front of classic wallpaper. (And it was a heck of a lot cheaper than buying the prints which are hundreds of dollars each! The book was only $15.)

They are complimented by ceramic owls from etsy, made from molds dating from the 1970s. After purchasing these I think I've put myself on an avian moratorium for home decorating. I realized there's some type of bird in every room of our first floor. What will I do next year when birds are out and something like zebras are in?



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