The Details: Workroom

Furniture in my new workroom consists of the existing desk, a new bookcase to hold fabrics and sundries, and a new cozy chair. The secret to buying a chair, I've found, is sit in all of the options in the showroom, until you find the one that is so comfy, you don't want to leave. Pillows also from etsy. The bookcase came as a steal since it was a custom order for someone who never picked it up from the showroom. Combined with shopping on Columbus Day weekend, which America predominantly celebrates by shopping (Christopher Columbus was sort of a merchant, right?), this was a satisfying score.

On the floor is a simple neutral grey rug. You might remember that this room had the dubious honor of also being the home to the ironing board and the litter boxes. Both are still in residence, but the kitty toilet is now hidden behind a curtain in the closet. The Amy Butler fabric, which you see in one of the pillows, was kind of the inspiration for the color pallette of the room, with a base of blue, and orange, grey and pale green touches. This helped me whenever I was in a store wondering, "Will it go with the room?" I carried a yard of the fabric in my purse for two consecutive weekends.

Teedie helpfully demonstrates his appreciation of the new discretion and dignity he is permitted.Baskets inside help organize.



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