Lost in the Aisles at Amazon

"Claire, if you needed to buy something online, where would you start looking?"
"What am I buying?" I asked my coworker.
"Anything," he shrugged with a sideways glance to my other coworker who was apparently being taught a lesson about internet shopping.
Being a subject matter expert I replied, "Amazon."
Indeed, there's really nothing that you probably can't find on Amazon. (It was the correct answer in this workplace quiz.)

But in the vast marketplace that is Amazon.com there are some times that you can't help but feel that you've wandered down a dusty aisle at the back of the store, with past its prime canned vegetables and the kind of folks who obsess over the purchase of thermometer/humidifier indicators.

I am in the market for a room thermometer. It feels like something that no one under 60 should own, primarily because I can distinctly picture one in my grandmother's apartment. (And the super large displays on the available options appear to confirm the target audience.)

However, after our home heating was diagnosed with an "installation problem" (the diplomatic way that the repairman explained the idiocy of putting a thermostat on the other side of the wall from the furnace,) he suggested purchasing a thermometer to keep in living spaces so that we'd know the real room temperature. So I'm shopping on Amazon, and am intrigued by the combo temperature/humidity indicators (since winter brings dry skin). In the aisles though, you bump into the oddest people and their reviews:

I was most interested in the humidity measurement. I conducted a calibration with a sling psychrometer. A sling psychrometer measures wet bulb/dry bulb temperature and is the least expensive (albeit a bit tedious to use) and most accurate way to determine relative humidity (RH).

I needed to know relative humidity for curiosity indoors and for a chamber in my basement used to dry cure sausage (I needed a 70%RH environment). The Honeywell unit was spot on with the sling psychrometer (and temp. was accurate as well).

Sling psychometer? Dry curing sausage? I had to share.
It's pretty remarkable how many people mention buying multiple monitors to cross check their accuracy. Who are these people that are so obsessed with their indoor climate??
And, more importantly, which one do they think I should buy?



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