Marvelous Night for a Sundance

I'm getting more pulled into the Sundance channel (like I need more tv in my life!) by two recent series:

Brick City
- the documentary series following mayor Cory Booker, and the cops and citizens of Newark, NJ. It satisfies the same part of my brain that liked HBO's The Wire so much. And now I'm being drawn into Man Shops Globe, the story of the Anthropologie buyer who shops the world for the furniture and displays in their stores. In the first episode he was wandering antique markets in Paris and Provence. And lucky fellow, he has 100s of stores to put his furniture in so there's little worry about what will fit.

You see him discover a retro Hollywood bed frame, a little battered and chipped, in the corner of a crowded French antique shop, and then learn it came to be mass produced for Anthropologie shoppers. I wish I had his job. Or maybe I could runaway from home and be his apprentice for a few months?



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