Mr Rogers Breaks it Down

A little weekend diversion from the Chicagoist was this charming (but maybe a little awkward) clip of Mr. Rogers learning about break-dancing from his neighbor, Jermaine.
I think there's something about Mr. Rogers' voice that just instantly calms me, like the way I can scratch behind my cat's ear and he'll roll onto his back with his paws up in the air. My mother said that even if Juliet and I were running around the living room, tearing out each other's hair, the sound of Mr. Rogers would immediately temper us and we'd be sitting down rapt in front of the TV, at least for a preciously quiet half hour.

This proves again that there's nothing that is not on YouTube. I am sorting of hoping this will continue to be true when I search for how to change a tail light in my car. I feel like such a helpless goof when I go to the dealership for little stupid stuff like this. But after an inspection Saturday, it seems that the dead lightbulb is sealed tight inside the rear of the car.



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