Race Day Recap

This is how my AIDS Foundation Race Day essentially began. Standing on the el platform, looking at the heat light button and wondering what almanac was consulted when CTA made the decision that heat lamps are not necessary until November 1. (This weekend has been the coldest since April, and 11 degrees less than average for the calendar date.)

I was glad that the free race t-shirts were long sleeved this year, and at least once I was jogging I wasn't cold at all.

Race day statistics:
Temperature: 47 degrees
Race time: Unofficially 37 mins 36 secs (I'm not super fast, but I did run the whole thing!)
Celebrity sighting: Dominic Scaglione Jr. - recent Oprah guest and lead in Jersey Boys Chicago! Hanging out by the VIP tent for folks who'd raised highest amounts for charity - as well as wearing a running bib suggesting he'd be on the road with the rest of us.
My fundraising for AIDS: Over $150!

On the last point, thank you to every one who pledged their support! I feel like I've listened to enough public radio that it's hard not to make my gratitude sound scripted from the fall campaign drive.

This race is one of the most gratifying to run because everyone who's working the event is constantly thanking you for running. There are volunteers cheering you on, two cheerleading squads at the beginning and end of the race, a drill team, and a brass band playing the theme song from Rocky as you sprint across the finish line.

Even the guy who handed me my post-race free hot dog looked me in the eye and with sincere conviction said, "Thank you for running." It took me aback because I was kind of mentally in the middle of congratulating myself for running for my own personal achievement, but liked the reminder that my run had benefited myself and others too. (In true Chicago style, there was an extensive bar available, even at the race, for that hot dog's fixings.)
Months after last year's race my boss was wearing his t-shirt on an errand to the grocery store with his father-in-law, when they were turning to leave the bagger stopped him and asked if he'd run in the race.

The bagger explained that he lived in a group home supported by the Chicago AIDS Foundation and said, "Thank you. You're my hero."

"You're welcome" he stuttered, bashfully flattered and surprised.

As my boss rejoined his impatient father-in-law waiting by the revolving door he was asked, "What did that guy want anyway?"

"He wanted to tell me that I'm his hero."


jck said...

47 degrees!?! Ew, cold!
Great job! It would've been so easy to blow it off and stay snuggled in bed on such a cold day, but way to go!!!! I'm impressed :)


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