The "Reveal": Workroom

Apparently, I watch enough HGTV that even my husband has learned the terminology. When he is anxious to leave the condo, maybe for dinner or for Target, but I am watching a decorating show, he will ask, "Can't you just use the Tivo to skip ahead to the reveal??"

So, here is the reveal of my workroom! Totally redone from the darker, cloistered dining room that characterized its past life with past owners. The dark teal and tan walls reminded me of a medieval dining room, and that vibe never worked for days when I worked from home.

BEFORE: Crowded, someone-else's-paint, storage roomAFTER!!: Bright workroom for sewing, working, reading and lounging!As you'll note, I kept the lighting from the previous room, which works well for 'task lighting' at my desk (which you may remember from my craigslist makeover post.) But that was about the only thing that stayed.

A closer look at the details of the room after this brief commercial break.


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Sura said...

I like it! The chair looks so cozy and I like the art grouped together.


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