Things I Did This Weekend

1. Turtle races. Because how else do you kick off a weekend?
2. Oil change
3. Sewing a curtain for my workroom
4. Painting a bookcase for my workroom, after sorting out its contents
5. Shredding papers that have met the appropriate age for destruction (Although, I guess the rules may have changed, - or my memory wasn't accurate - and some of the paperwork could have been ditched earlier. Credit card statements after a year!)
6. Hanging curtains in my workroom with Jason. It turns out that he is very eager to help, especially when the internet is down. I will have to figure out how to pull the cord from the modem whenever his assistance is needed again. It was also probably a distraction from Ohio State's first loss of the season.
7. Cleaning up last year's UGGs from the salt and dirt of the winter. The cleaning instructions begin with the improbable direction that you should get your sheepskin boot entirely wet. Once they finish drying in the bath tub I am hopeful they will be ready for the assault of another season's slush.
8. Ordering supplies for a new project around the house (because I like being in project debt - always more ideas than I can really afford time for over a weekend.)

Things I did not do were: going to the gym (boo!) or baking the pumpkin cake I'd considered (probably best that they were omitted together.)

As the list suggests, tangible progress is being made on the workroom, and "after" photos will be coming soon, once all the details are together. Here is a small preview:

(I have edited out the bordello red lampshade, so that won't be appearing in any "after" photo.)



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