Unlikely Friends

Juliet sent me this link a little while ago, and at first it wasn't working...plus I was at work where sitting at your desk with your morning oatmeal and blueberries and watching cute animal videos is a little frowned upon. I am glad that I saved it, because National Geographic's "Unlikely Friends" series is like pages of a child's storbook come to life.

It is also something good to watch when you are very mad because the heating & cooling repairman was a no show. Service appointment between 3-4 pm, and 6:09 pm and not the decency of a phone call! I called at 4:30 to ask his plan, at which point he apologized but said he was still coming. I am a little bewildered that the person who recommended him mentioned that he had stood her up three times. I'm wondering, "why do you pass on the number of such a seriously unreliable repairman? Are his services free?"

I am centering, breathing deeply, and thinking of the curious friendship of a cat and a crow. And Owen, the hippo and his 130-year old tortoise buddy. Also wondering how I will ask my boss for another afternoon off.



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