Working Towards the New Workroom

The husband and wife who lived in our place before us were at-home-chefs, which explains the Viking oven, as well as the dedication of a bedroom to be converted into a dining room. (See photo from original property listing.)

However, since I confess that Jason and I are more often eating in front of the television (and have reflected that we might even be candidates for these), there was no need for a separate dining room. Also because the dining table that we do own fits nicely into a corner of the living room.

So the former dining room was mine for an office, but as you can tell, it was really only a big storage closet for the first year of our residence. The vacuum, the kitty litter boxes, and the ironing board all found their homes here, along with the boxes that moved in after I vacated my storage unit. I started consider what I wanted to do with "the space", and even made it a game for guests at our housewarming party to put post-it flags on the ideas they liked best, torn from decorating magazines.

My first concept was a moody brown/gray room, with blue accents. But after purchasing a few paint samples I discovered that grey would be too dreary, especially in a room that was meant for energetic crafting, sewing, and maybe a few work-from-home days. So I set my course in another direction, inspired by this Better Homes & Gardens room. Here's how it began to take shape with fresh, bright paint...More soon!


jck said...

how exciting! I like those textiles in the last picture - very enticing.


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