Bundle Up!

The days are turning grey and colder, it's time to bundle up. I have a basket full of scarves, mittens and hats at the end of our hallway, but it doesn't stop my window shopping.

Knitted Cowl (I'm working on knitting my own, and although it had an auspicious start while I was visiting Philadelphia, I think my gauge was off so I may be pulling it out.)

Brimmed Hat

"Furry Paws" I was standing in line at the shoe store and overheard a girl and her hipster boyfriend looking at gloves like this, "They're called smoker's gloves," he explained. And I thought to myself, "No, they're Blackberry gloves" which may sum up our age/place-in-life divide.

Coffee Cup Cozy, which is not a bad stocking stuffer.

Don't forget to bundle up your apples, too.



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