Cough, Cough

After Jason was feeling sick earlier this week, it was probably only an inevitability that I'd be coughing soon too.

I'm regretting not making it over to the Philadelphia City Health Clinic when I was visiting Juliet & Hugh, since apparently there's lots of H1N1 vaccine to be had there.
Which is not to leap to diagnose myself with this year's hottest virus. This could just be a cold, or the regular flu. But I did get my shot against the traditional flu.

I don't want to feel like a pariah. Recipient of the same angry glares that I gave the guy in the airport gate who let out a huge AAACCCHOOO! sneeze without covering his mouth, or the guy at the supermarket who coughed directly into the freezer!! He was on his cell and his other hand was opening the freezer case door, so I guess he didn't feel like he could cover his mouth? It perturbs me how ignorant people have been in their daily habits when there's the swine flu about. And now I may be their victim.

You'll find me on the couch today, with tea and water. Right now, I'm feeling just mildy bad and hoping I can nip this with early rest.



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