Gifts for the Goo-Goo Ga-Ga Set

Besides the burp clothes that I've begun producing on a manufacturing level lately, there are other favorite baby gifts I keep in mind for giving. Rules I try to follow: unique and unbranded by trademarked characters. Of course: cute too. But it's pretty impossible to find a baby gift that's not characterized by its adorable impish smile or soft fuzziness.

Here are few of my favorites:Lucky Wang baby kimonos Or snuggle sacks for winter babies.Handmade animal mobile from etsy. I picked this one for Juliet & Hugh, but it was a hard decision! The Counting Sheep were so cute.Piggy banks, for early college fund savings (either the traditional piggy type or this owl.)Floppy stuffed cats from Jellycat , which were a gift for little neighbors who were fascinated by our cats. I wrapped them with the long tails hanging out of the wrapping paper, a hint to what was inside.



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