I'm Ok

So I was rear-ended. It sucks, but gratefully it appears that the greatest tragedy, at least 5 hours post, is the inconvenience. I am fine. The other two drivers forming the chain of SUVs ramming into Claire (who was stopped waiting for the vehicle two cars ahead to make a left turn) are ok too.

A coworker who lives in the city was able to stop by and wait for me to finish with the cops and then drive me home. (My boss, actually, so I guess I should think of him big-time next Boss' Day. One World's Best Boss Mug, on order!) The adjuster should call me tomorrow and we'll know the damage. Poor car, seven years old and not even 70,000 miles yet. Tonight we are also grateful for the multitude of public transportation options: bus, el, train, and generous friends with cars, which may allow us to go without even a rental for a week or so. But we are also happy to hear our car insurance has a pretty darn reasonable rental coverage.
Most of all, I am grateful to be ok.


Ellyn said...

I'm really sorry about the crash, but I'm so glad to hear that you are OK. You have had a tough couple of weeks with being sick and then this car crash. Even though you're OK, I know a crash can be a sobering experience. I'm sending lots of good wishes your way.


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