Still Coughing

In case you were wondering, it's not a good idea to watch House when you're sick. The other night I was admittedly probably a little delusional from chills and coughing that I began imagining myself the victim of something more serious than the seasonal flu.

Or maybe is it the fabled H1N1? I did get my regular seasonal flu shot earlier, so by process of elimination, what other type of flu could it be? I haven't had it tested, since the CDC's advice is that if you think you have the swine flu, you should really just stay home. Makes sense, why drag yourself and all your germs to the hospital (full of already sicker and more vulnerable people than you) just to be sent home with directions for rest and fluids?
If so, I'm happy to learn that you can't get H1N1 twice, so at least this is maybe an inoculation, the long, painful way.

I'm finding the Yogi Throat Comfort tea very soothing. My college voice major roommate first told me of the value of slippery elm for a bad throat, and it is a lovely thing. If only I could hook up an IV direct to my throat as I sleep. The tea bags also each come with a small piece of philosophic insight. But no suggestion of the cure for the flu.



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