Why Claire is Not an Early Adopter

This Sunday I picked up the new Droid phone. Jason was very happy. I am still deciding.

It's the phone that Verizon offers because it doesn't have the iPhone. It's brand new, just launched this weekend.

I figured I'd like it because it has both a touch-screen keyboard and the little real keyboard that slides out. After trying to text on Jason's iPhone, I'd learned that those iPhone keyboards are tricky. It also has turn-by-turn navigation, that talks to you to say turn left, or that's it's recalculating since you missed that left turn. It has a weather widget, so I don't have to ask Jason every night as I'm deciding what to wear to work the next day, and hear his reply, "45 degrees and cloudy... and you should get an iPhone."

I'd read the reviews, which after Day 1 of Droid I am reflecting were probably mostly written by geeks that would be super-excited about a new gadget, regardless.

Regardless of the fact that on the morning of Day 1, I got an error message in the midst of my alarm going off. Being really drowsy, and reminded of how annoying all the Droid alarm sounds are (lots of WYAAH WYAAH WYAAH obnoxious jarring tones), all I could think was, "I should just get an alarm clock." Because paying so much for a phone wasn't enough.

Regardless of the fact that it took 45 minutes for the Best Buy salesgirl to finally conclude she wasn't able to get the contacts to transfer from my old phone to the new one. 15 of those minutes she had spent wandering away under the "I'll be right back" promise to help someone else instead, while I sat. When the "Inventory Control Specialist" stopped us at the door to check our receipts I grumbled that if I could have stolen something from Best Buy at that point, I would have readily, since I'd lost all patience. I'd gone there for the instant rebate, which I felt like I'd earned every penny of -- plus, after the interminable process of buying the phone there. (The 45 minutes had been preceded by about a half hour of the salesgirl trying to figure out the computer prompts to set up the phone and my account.) Reminder: Go to Verizon instead next time. Mailing in the rebate would have been sooo much faster, even including time to find the stamp.

So, I'm not a tech geek. I don't get excited by blogs posting photos of the "unboxing" of a new phone. (Seriously.)

I just want to figure out how to get a better alarm tone. And that's really not very obvious. Ironically, the droid website is all marketing pizazz and little helpful content. My own Marketing brothers and sisters leave me stranded! *Shaking fist!*

Either I've been outsmarted by my smart phone, or I really should only get phones that Jason already owns so that I have an in-house phone mentor.

And it's not like I pull out the phone and get sideways glances full of envy like the launch of the iPhone. The phone kind of looks just like any other Verizon smart phone.

I'm hoping Droid proves its mettle soon, since this is not what all those tech writers promised, at least not yet. And I have to figure out how to wake myself up tomorrow morning.


jck said...

Hugh says hang in there. When he got his phone (before it was even available in the USA) it was finicky and annoying but within weeks of its US release they worked out the kinks - and now he loves it. Just keep up with the updates. Good luck!


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