Christmas Dinner

I'm a little suspicious of crock pots. That whole "turn it on, leave the house all day and come home to dinner" just seems to spell housefire to me. Come home to the fire department dousing the final embers of your furniture, maybe.

Since we'd be home all day on Christmas, it seemed an ideal day to keep an eye on the crock pot and test the faith that homemakers across the country put into this appliance. Pot roast was our Christmas meal. Well, really kind of beef stroganoff, since we put it over egg noodles.

It's hard to make brown meat, in brown mushroom sauce look appetizing in a photo, but here it was cooking away. To brighten the plate, brocolini and green beans.To brighten the table, little Christmas balls and a favorite little family Christmas angel. (She's supposed to be holding a candle,, it was just the two of us.



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