Coming Up: Roses

I have not even finishing recounting the tales from our last trip, when it's soon time to start packing for the next. We are going to the Rose Bowl to see Ohio State play Oregon. As many of you know Jason's blood not only runs scarlet like the rest of us, but there's surely Ohio State grey in there too.

I am going for the parade (I love flowers!), the energy of the game ("It's older than the Superbowl!" Jason exclaims), and the promise of a visit to the Getty Art Museum.

Our Grand Marshall will be "Miracle on the Hudson" pilot, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger.I hope it's not an insult, but I'm sorry to have missed Kermit in his turn leading the parade. Since the parade is broadcast on HGTV on New Year's Day, as well as many of the network channels -- making it nearly impossible to avoid -- look for me in the crowd!



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