iGo to the supermarket

Since the car fairy did not leave a nice new vehicle with a big red bow in our garage while we were away (although I confess I haven't actually checked yet), I signed up for iGo.
iGo is a car sharing program where you go to a website, find the car nearest you and sign it out for a couple hours. City folk may know about this, but my guess is that it's not practical in all locales.
I drove myself to the supermarket as well as to Target to replace a bum strand of Christmas lights. After a week without a car it felt like freedom! Although I've already decided that it may have eliminated a Toyota Matrix from consideration as my next permanent vehicle. Mighty touchy brakes. Jason agrees, since he is forced to be a passenger since he can't remember his driver's license number from three years ago in Ohio. (A requirement for iGo participation.) He accuses me of being the only driver who accelerates through turns like I am on the race course. It's more fun that way!


jck said...

have you looked at subarus? they are sporty, 4wheel drive, and are pretty affordable.


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