Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

R.I.P. "Baby A4." And we are taking to the road with our new vehicle.

"Baby A4" was so-called because I purchased it at just the same time good friends had their first baby. The new mom was explaining that any time they heard a gurgle or noise from the baby's room they'd rush to peek in to make sure the little one was ok. Without thinking of the potential insult of comparing a new car to a new baby I said, "Me too! Whenever I hear any noise on the street, I pop out of bed and peer out the blinds to make sure my new baby is ok!"

But Baby A4 is gone, sooner than I'd hoped. Le Roi est mort.
But new to the family is our VW Tiguan, a crossover in black. Vive le Roi.


Andra Sue said...

I like it! Nice choice!

3lennons said...

Fancy. So, did you buy or lease? I missed that. Looks like you won't need me for IKEA trips anymore...

Claire said...

We leased. Although just last week Jason was shaking his head and saying "Man, we should have bought! I don't want to have to go back to the car dealership in 3 years." I agree, we lost too many hours of our life sitting around in the dealerships over the past month.
And I'm telling you, if you hadn't moved to Maine, we could have bought a sedan! (But I did go to IKEA today, and everything fit in quite nicely!)


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