Ship's Summary

Our last stop of our cruise, and my last post on the matter, centers in Honduras. Our excursion this time was to visit with monkeys.

There was a beautiful scenic drive through lush green vistas. A friend told me he'd read that Honduras, and Isla Roatan where we were, is a beautiful untouched land with the exception of when cruise ships stop to disgorge their passengers. That was us.

Being our last day of cruising I confess to feeling very cattled about, stuffed into little vans with the same people I'd been trying to find mental space from on the ship. Then being toured around in a small little circle through a park made me a little impatient because we were really there to see some little monkeys! Over an Indiana Jones-like rope bridge.They were mischievous and we were advised to remove sunglasses and jewelry, else they be stolen. Monkeys also have about a 3-second attention span so they hopped about quickly. We had a terrific lunch afterwards on the balcony of an open-air restaurant and a nice view of the mountains, and the ship in port.

That was our last stop on the cruise before our day at sea sailing back to Florida. It was Monday at work that I realized how relaxing the week away had been because there hadn't be a single headache or any tension in my shoulders.

As to whether we might cruise again, I'm not sure if we fit the character of the serial "cruiser" but this was a very nice way to get a taste of places that we might visit again, for a longer time and maybe not accompanied by the other 2,000 people on the ship. The benefits were having everything set in terms of where we'd sleep, that'd we'd always have a good meal at night, and how we were to get to each stop.



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