Snerkling in Belize

This is our very best swimsuit photo from the cruise. And by far, the cheapest photo we bought the whole trip. We quickly learned that a primary revenue stream for cruise ships consists of snapping your photo while disembarking for excursions - once three times! - as well as at dinner, on the deck, on the water slide, and well, everywhere else. Posed portraits are an evening activity in and of itself. An after dinner entertainment was not only looking for our own photos, but sometimes mischieviously snickering at those of others, or pointing out folks we'd met.But once the ship stopped at our most anticipated port-of-call, we were eager for snorkeling in Belize. We'd heard much of the beauty of this country as well as the quality of the diving.

On the boat out to our snorkeling site, the guide briefed us on our life jackets and fins. "Snerklers! This is your life jacket!" His accent totally bastardized the pronunciation of the word "snorkelers" which became increasingly funny, since it was how he repeatedly addressed us during the orientation.

"Now Snerklers!" He called our attention for life jacket strapping procedures, "Snerklers, this strap goes up between your legs. Snerklers, this what we call the wedgie strap!" Giggles. And a running joke for the rest of cruise.

Snerklers waiting to diveSnerklers in the waterAfter snerkeling for about an hour or so, we were offered rum punches and ferried over to a little private isle for beach time. This was the picturesque relaxation that every vacation brochure offers. Me & Jason at the beach bar. For future reference, a slushy drink with tequila in the middle of day is not such a terrific idea. But I did have a lovely nap before dinner.


Andra Sue said...

Nice!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. :)


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