What Did I Do Without These?

A brief product endorsement, especially for anyone who spends anytime traveling: GoToobs.
They are terrific for any product that doesn't come in the TSA-approved size.

Previously, I'd been "interviewing" the free shampoo and lotion bottles at hotels to see if any might be repurposed for filling with my favorite hair product. Remembering that the bottle was not filled with shower gel as the label suggested wasn't too hard, but it was a chore to squeeze my product into the very narrow opening.

I'd tried buying a plastic travel bottle from the drugstore designed for this purpose, but it leaked and was very hard to push out the product.

GoToobs were an ephiphany. They have nice big openings, are really squishy for pushing out liquids or gels, and even have a suction cup to hang onto the mirror in bathrooms. (Haven't needed this feature yet.) There's also a dial to turn to help you remember whether the contents are shampoo, lotion, etc.

Maybe there's enough time to make these a stocking stuffer? They are terrific. I love them almost as much as my Pan Am bag.


Elizabeth Towle said...

I just added these to my Amazon Wishlist! It was an exercise in patience as I was squeezing my giant-sized face wash into a tiny container last night. I'm pretty sure the rest of my suitcase is covered in it now.


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