Borrowed Mix Tapes

There's little point in my ever offering a mix tape of my own, since I think I've found a new music muse at Bleubird Vintage. Her Mixed Tapes are just sound I'm in the mood for these days. The artists include the last two bands whose entire albums I invested in: Phoenix and Passion Pit.

Here's her latest (follow the link above and you'll be able to hear each song yourself.)

1. passion pit - moth wings
2. los campesinos - there are listed buildings
3. sarah blasko - all i want
4. frightened rabbit - swim until you can't see land
5. white denim - i start to run
6. best coast - sun was high, so was i
7. grizzly bear - two weeks
8. woods - rain on


1. monsters of folk - temazcal
2. diamond rings - all yr songs
3. fever ray - when i grow up
4. phoenix - 1901
5. band of skulls - i know what i am
6. white rabbits - percussion gun
7. neon indian - deadbeat summer
8. elliott smith - miss misery



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