The Classics

As we have established in previous chapters, Jason is an avid early adopter. Claire is not. Jason identifies the best AT&T location for a short line and gets an iPhone on day one. Three years later, Claire is still reconciling herself with the lack of an instruction book accompanying her new smart phone.

Jason asks Claire multiple times whether she would like a kindle for Christmas. Claire shudders.

I beg that I prefer the feel of a book in my hand. The challenge and heft of a big, thick 500-page tome, or the easy-breezy lightness of a quick read.

The thrill of turning down the corner, even when I know many people are maniacally opposed to this practice. The split of the paperback spine, even more insulting.

The smell of a new book's pages.

The stack on my nightstand.

The fading inscription signed inside a used book, "To Betsy with love, from Donald" or catching a fleeting memory of my mother by seeing her maiden name signed inside the cover of an old book with the year, circa 1970.

I've felt for some time that Amazon might win me over more easily to the electronic Kindle if they could at least offer a Kindle cover made of soft worn leather, with gilt embossing. (They do apparently have a futuristic Cole Haan cover but, $119? Ouch!)

Books are more of an old-world luxury for me. Reading can be about "unplugging" so I'm wondering how that works with something so electronic.

I was much more happy to receive a volume from the Penguin Classics Library this week from Amazon. Look how great the covers are!
(There might be reason for hope, Etsy has a nice selection of kindle covers, like this one.)



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