Cyber Wandering

Reading reports of the Haitian earthquake, I noticed the byline of the news story reflected that the reporter was in Port Au Prince. With the challenges we've heard of getting aid into the airport, a number of reporters seem to have effectively gotten through. (Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric...) I'm a little conflicted on this point, since it is their job, but wonder if it was a hassle and they and their luggage took the place of more valuable aid. But then again, without their reporting, would we being texting to give money to Haiti nearly as often?

There's some quote about the sign of an intelligent man being the ability to hold simultaneously opposing points of view on an argument. That's where I am.

I wonder how many reporters will still be in Haiti 6 months, a year, from now. Will we hear how it's going?

With this in mind, I went to see if I could take a walk through the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. After typing "lower ninth ward, New Orleans" into Google Maps, and employing the Street View function, I was there. I don't know exactly when the photos were taken, but approximately five years later, it was weird to see how spotty the streets were. Houses that still bore the spray paint of rescuers. Some repaired, some eerily vacant.

Most fascinating were the spots where someone had uploaded an immediately post-hurricane photo, so I might compare it to where I was standing (at least approximately.)

On a related note, I was reminded today that Chicago was founded by a Haitian immigrant, Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable.



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