Game Time!

Although we missed him the parade, we arrived for the start of the Rose Bowl Game to see Captain Sullenberg flipping the coin and settled into our seats for an exciting game.We were in a "mixed neighborhood" of Ohio State and Oregon fans, which offered the opportunity for a little bit of bantering and ribbing with the opponents. (Jason did the talking, I did high-fives and giggles.)This was an interesting game from the cheering perspective, with "Go Ducks!" sounding very much like "Go Bucks!" and it seemed we were all fighting over ownership of a big letter "O." More perplexing: a Michigan fan, in an Ohio State sweatshirt, applauding the Buckeyes.This was my first time seeing the Ohio State Marching Band, recently featured in the New York Times as one of the best in the country (or "the Best Damn Band in the Land" as locals know them.)For the second half there were some tense moments, as these profiles in courage suggest.But as the sun set victory felt more assured, and the game ended with the flurries of scarlet and grey confetti. The following night, Jason asked if we could watch it again online.


Courtney said...

Great photos, Claire! It was great to see you two - we had so much fun! Loves you, Courtney


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