Get Thee to the Getty!

A whole additional (wonderful, sunny) day was added to our trip to Los Angeles for the Getty Center.

If this were a "How I Met Your Mother" episode the narrator would begin by saying, "Kids, if there was one thing your mother wanted to do on the West Coast, it was the Getty Museum. A lot of that was due to a navigation mishap a few years before..." And then the episode would open to us driving around Santa Monica and showing up at the Getty Mansion years earlier...when it was closed. Very frustrating!

But at long last: the Getty! The long line of cars entering the center, the spiraling drive down through the parking garage, and the line for the tram couldn't dampen my enthusiasm. My glee soared when we arrived at the top of the hill and could take in the Getty campus. I think Jason was pretty impressed too. The views to the Pacific and across to the LA skyline were astounding. The well-tended grounds include a zig-zagging path that creates a sound sculpture of the stream that babbles down through it, over well-placed rocks and boulders. (This was another moment where I craved to be alone, maybe in the moonlight, just the two of us, because the jabbering tourists were not part of my sound sculpture!)
A meticulously manicured floral maze fills out the center. There was art and furniture inside too, but there was no flash photography and I couldn't see how I'd value those photos later, so you'll just have to get there yourself to see the grandeur indoors. The collection of gilded and otherwise ornate French furniture and home accessories may help you understand why the French Revolution happened.

And finally, here are a couple of snaps from the rest of the day wandering L.A. The afternoon included visiting Amoeba Records (a music store so big we didn't know what to do with ourselves!), the best mac & cheese I've ever had at Kitchen 24, and Jason's apt intuition of where the Hollywood sign could be seen. He said, "I bet it's over there,"... and there it was. I am so bad at directions and mapping my location, it must be why I married him. (Just one of the reasons!)



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