The Gypsy Life for Me

After getting inordinately fired up hearing a story on Morning Edition about people just "walking away" from their mortgages*, and then later dealing with a disagreement over our new car lease, I was fed up.

The final bonus was a comment after discussion regarding whether it would be insensitive to ask new salespeople to be away from home for a week over Good Friday, Easter and Passover. After a colleague weighed in to say Easter was important in her family, another said, with a tone that gave her the final word, "Well primarily, it will have to come down to whether we can reschedule the conference room space. We might not be able to find a room." Really? We'd like to be sensitive to people's beliefs, but it'll require a conference room? How many months away is Easter??

It left me ready to leave Chicago, head to Eastern Europe and become a gypsy. No home. No car. Just traveling around, maybe joining the circus.

Maybe it was foreshadowed by my enjoying the Flickr Carousels set the other night.
(*Regarding the mortgages: while it's appropriate to blame the banks, anyone who thought they could really magically afford a home far outside of their income should be held at least somewhat accountable. And to walk away hurts other homeowners like us who lose value in our homes with nearby foreclosures, and condo members who have to take over more of the common expenses. Everyone: stay in your homes! Especially if a bank is giving you a deal on a 2% interest rate!)

Now, I have a horse to ride off on.



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