How Will I Be Remembered?

It might cross your mind once in a while, while gazing out the window at a red light maybe, "How will I be remembered? How am I remembered today by the people who knew me years ago?"

I've often been told that my laughter is distinctive. People insist that it's in a good way, but I do sometimes worry if I'm one of those people that you just don't want to say another funny thing to for fear that their whooping peals of laughter will kick into overdrive.

Reconnecting with my third grade best friend offered the chance to hear the answer to this question.

I was remembered for my cool Japanese pencil cases, stuffed toy cow (Moo-Moo, because he moos when you turn him up and down) and wearing knickers.

Knickers! When I review the embarrassments perpetrated upon me by my parents, knickers is in the top ten, maybe even the top five. So I was a little ambivalent to learn that this was a signature memory of Claire.

I remember having at least two pairs: one of a red, yellow, and green plaid and another of lavender corduroy...with ruffles on the pockets. It's unclear which was worse than the other.

But it was with some affectionate nostalgia that I saw these at Anthropologie this weekend: corduroy "Ha'penny Knickerbockers." Maybe I should have tried them on, since they are part of my signature style. Maybe with boots, or a solid tight? With this adorable little jacket, that I also left in the store?(And Moo-Moo is still around, by the way.)


abby said...

I almost tried on that jacket yesterday, but given my current size ("cow") slipping on the size 8 wouldn't have ended well.


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