If You are Voting in Illinois on Tuesday..

We pause for a brief public service announcement.

For readers in Illinois (I love you two!) Tuesday is election day. The absurdity of election day at the coldest point in Chicago's winter was a puzzler for me and Jason when we moved here...until we realized that low voter turnout often favors incumbents, so now wonder the Chicago politicians scheduled it that way. Crafty.

I don't like turning up at the polls uninformed, even with my mother's instruction that when in doubt, "Vote for women and democrats." But even more, I don't like not turning up at the polls at all.

So for you in Illinois, I recommend the CBS 2 Voter Guide. It's a brief read for each candidate, giving you their positions on hot issues like gambling and bringing over prisoners from Guantanamo.I also now know that Governor Pat Quinn's favorite food is chili con queso. Dan Hynes favors his mom's chicken vesivio (aww...) and he can also recite every line to the movie Caddyshack (and most other movies starring Chevy Chase).

Good to know.

And *Breaking Election Update* candidate for Senate Robert Marshall is an Oberlin grad!



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