Little Things I Love at IKEA

It's true that our new car choice was mildly influenced by its capability accommodate self-assembled Swedish furniture. (That and the 4 wheel drive and heated seats to get us through winter.) I've already been to IKEA where my friend and I fit in 1 cabinet, 1 CD tower, 4 bar chairs, and 3 magnetic bulletin boards. With room to spare!

However, as much as I love the BIG things at IKEA, it's the little things in the IKEA marketplace that I look forward to collecting as the trimming on my shopping cart.

Here's my favorite find this time:$1.99 each! They look like far more expensive pottery.

I also liked this basket, but couldn't figure how it'd fit into our decor. The cats would probably try to make it their bed.
Two flower posters
(also couldn't figure out where these go, so they'll just decorate this blog post instead.)Plant pots in all of my favorite colors. Had it been springtime, or any other season where potting plants on the deck was bearable, these would be in my home right now. And also $1.99. What a magical price.

Next time, I think I should go through IKEA backwards so that I don't rush myself through the trick-or-treat-like experience at the end.


Anonymous said...

That little basket will fit in my decor! This all makes ME want to head to IKEA!

Nancy (mom-in-law)

Claire said...

Next time you're in town?? :)


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