My Deeper Thoughts

Taking the blog as a sketch of my character, you might be inclined to think I'm pretty frivolous and maybe even shallow.

I do consider things of greater significance.

I worry when things are going so well that they might not last. I am lucky, so very lucky. Sometimes, I just want to freeze time and stay here, so that I won't have to think about the future, or fret about the past.

I think about trying to be considerate to strangers and animals.
When someone makes me mad, I try to see things from their perspective, and usually it calms me down. I want to be a better person tomorrow than I was today. (But I will still indulge in grumpiness, when it's called for.)

I'm not sure we should have ever gone to Iraq or Afghanistan, but it would seem unfair to just leave abruptly.
I like how the military is helping out in Haiti, so that hopefully the world can see our military as a a force for good too. (And maybe our military's focus might someday be able to shift further in that direction.) I am really impressed by the men and women that join the military and their work, even if I'm not sure I could ever surrender to so obediently following orders. Teachers are very cool too, even if my stability might crumble as the only adult in a room of seven-year-olds for the whole day...although some meetings rival this experience.

I want to understand the stock market better, and fluently comprehend the forces that caused the recession, before it's all over. (Unfortunately, I probably still have some time on this assignment.)

I'm not making any resolutions this year. I want to be happy with who I am and who I'm trying to be, new year or not. But I should read more.

And I'd really like to go see "The Young Victoria" movie soon. But that's unimportant.



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