The Pre-Game Show

We return triumphantly from the Rose Bowl! Final score 26-17, Ohio State. (But there are better blogs to read about that.)

As Chicago residents, we were dedicated to public transportation: taking the Red Line to the Gold Line to Pasadena. The idea of a subway in L.A. seemed a little funny, but we did make up for it in traffic on the way home. (Thanks for the ride, Courtney & Lorenzo!)

I had hauled Jason out of bed (always fun!) to get to the parade in the morning. After learning that people will camp out the night before to get a spot on the parade route we opted for the investment in grandstand tickets, which was worth it for a prime corner spot, right near the HGTV, ABC, and NBC booths.

Arriving late, we missed our Grand Marshall Captain Sullenberg but were momentarily in the parade, since the seats were over and across from where we arrived, but a great volunteer helped us across the road. If you were watching closely after the Tuskegee Airman float, you might have caught us.

Besides good angles of the floats, we also spotted the back of Al Roker and Nancy O'Dell's heads! (See red circle.)There were marching bands from states across the country and floats from around the world. Here's the Salvation Army Band.OMG, mini ponies too!!There was a tailgate between the parade and the game, high up on a hill which gave us an amazing view of the pre-game festivities. Omelets too!

And I'm realizing now, this is probably the only frat party I've ever attended, since we learned it was organized by OSU fraternity brother alums. Which explains the fruity beverage known as "jungle juice" which Wikipedia explains as "hard alcohol mixed with arbitrary juices." But the best match for an omelet, I guess. (I know, I'm a real nerd who's only ever been to her first frat party and is looking up mixed drinks on Wikipedia! know me.)

Since most of my readers are not coming here for immediate game recap, I will get to that tomorrow.



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