Reason to Stop (& Shop)

Here are the facts:

1. Chicago traffic is terrible. I remember feeling actually *intimidated* looking at the traffic report on the hotel room tv when I was here interviewing for the job that moved us here.
1b. Chicago traffic is worse on Fridays. (And whenever there's a Cubs game.)

2. I have an 8 am meeting tomorrow. With people whose names come with initials like M.D. and Ph.D. Also a little intimidating.

3. My normal train gets me to work by 8:15 am.

4. The earlier train is known as "The Sunriser." Because I'd have to hop on board before 6 am it's also known colloquially as "The Insane Train."

For this reason I am thinking of driving to work tomorrow. What do I hate more: waking up at 5 am or sitting in over an hour of traffic at night?

But here's lovely #5. Between work and home there's a big mall, as well as strip mall with The Container Store, Trader Joe's, and Loehman's. How about a half in traffic, interrupted by a lace shopping basket, and then another half hour in traffic?

I think the basket, with strap removed, might be nice in my workroom. (Nicole might have helped sell me on it.)


abby said...

OSI gave me a green basket just like that for the front of my bike. Didn't have a bike yet, so I picked one out to match the basket.

Claire said...

Traffic was speedy, and I was carpooling with a friend, so no need to stop! Another day. I do love that basket.
And it can even be used as a file holder!

jck said...

So funny. i was going to pick up a couple of these for June's toys and books. i love them! but i couldn't decide white or black...


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