A Snuggie I Might Snuggle Up To

I scoff, often loudly, at the Snuggie phenomenon.

Who needs a blanket with sleeves? Who's so lazy that they can't reach their hand up from under the blanket to get the remote? They also kind of remind me of the troll from He-Man (Orko.)So, it's disturbing that first page of Google results for snuggie contains all serious links, and not spoofs or fellow scoffers. And indeed, maybe years from now history students will observe that the Snuggie was something we were drawn to in a time of uncertainty and economic distress, just like everyone became conservative and home-focused after WWII.

Innumerable Snuggies have likely been purchased half in jest, and half out of secret curiosity.

But for me, I'll skip the sloppiness of a cheap fleece blanket. Instead, I could find myself in this smart little robe. It seems like it'd be super comfy, like a big billowy comforter to walk around the house in...and also easy to reach the remote. A tailored, fashion snuggie, sort of, with pert mandarin collar..Machine-washable and monogramming is available. My favorite color is the whisper peachy-pink, "Teaberry."

Too bad I'll have to wait at least 30 years for this to be age-appropriate.



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