And for Dessert...

Sidelined from my usual busy-bee chore list by a cold this past weekend, I was trying low-key home activities, like baking and cooking.

In addition to the filet mignon dinner, I also baked up some two-tone banana bread. Banana bread from scratch, with chocolate ribbons and I added walnuts too. It was delish. So tempting that there was already a little nibble missing from the loaf as it was left to cool on the wire rack. Suspicious. To his credit, Jason 'fessed up but likely because it couldn't be blamed on our "food-motivated" cat, since Teedie has a bizarre but consistent aversion to bananas.

The recipe suggests serving it smothered with Nutella, and I like that lots.
Jason also crafted a nice plate of banana bread, two scoops of vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce for our Sunday night dessert.



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